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Octopus attaches itself to a dolphin’s genitals 

Yes, you read that correctly.

Read about it/see pics here.

"I begin to think my fascination [with sharks] is in direct proportion to my preoccupation with ideas of sentimental, obsessive, unrequited, and true love. The hopes and dreams I’ve held around love have an oblique counterpoint. My dread of sharks is my fear of loneliness, vulnerability, violence at the hands of something stronger, unemotional (and hungry). Also in the wings is the fantasy of submission, the danger of longing to be consumed by something strange. … Simply admitting that you’re looking for love means accepting that you want to enter something that can bear you up and break your heart, means needing to take off all your clothes and let go and get in. That’s not easy or dreamy, it’s scary." 

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Leanne Shapton - Swimming Studies (via zoewhittall)

Spinner shark!

Reconsider the calamari… 

Don’t you just hate it when your mouth becomes pregnant with baby squid?

But seriously, this is one of the wildest stories in the canon of fucked up shit.

After eating some squid, a South Korean woman reported feeling as though there were “bug-like” organisms inside of her mouth. It turns out that the squid she consumed still had its sperm sacs intact, which is how twelve tiny pods containing mini cephalopods cemented to the woman’s gums, tongue, and cheeks. After a trip to the hospital, the baby squid were removed, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Read about it here.

Many thanks to the wonderful Alex for sharing this monstrosity with us.

In case you were looking for fresh nightmare material…

Wild footage of a shark eating a dead giant squid. Happy Sunday!

Fox News newscaster: “What is plankton?”


Animals you shouldn’t keep as pets: cougars.